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Raise Money with Taste: Plan a Food Fundraiser PDF
No matter what type of organization you're with, you just can't beat the benefits of a food fundraiser. Food items tend to be very popular. After eating is something that everyone has to do – and that most people really enjoy. Most food items available for fundraisers are very inexpensive – making it easy for your supporters to afford to participate. Food items also tend to offer an excellent opportunity to earn a good percentage of each sale in profit, making them a perfect choice for groups looking for a way to raise a significant sum of money. Types of Food Fundraisers Candy – One of the most popular – and most traditional – fundraisers for schools and youth groups is candy sales. Selling popular brands of candy bars to friends, neighbors, and co-workers has long been the fundraiser of choice for many organizations. Who doesn’t love a tasty candy treat? These goodies are easy for kids and grown-ups alike to enjoy fundraising success. Gourmet Popcorn – Another popular item is gourmet popcorn. Typically, fundraisers that revolve around this item feature gourmet popcorn kernels packaged in decorative tins, perfect for both at-home use and gift giving. Spices and Dip Mixes – Companies like Watkins and Tastefully Simple have delicious gourmet spices, dip mixes, and other gourmet food items that are perfect for fundraisers. You can take orders or hold a taste testing event. Find an independent distributor and talk with him or her about your group or organization. You'll likely find that he or she is more than willing to work with you on a fundraiser for your cause. Bake Sale – Many organizations find that holding bake sales during special events is a great way to earn a good bit of money in a short time frame. Simply have group members prepare a baked good – like a cake, pie, brownies, cookies, etc. – and offer the items for sale at a pre-determined time. Boxed Dinners – People love an opportunity to pick up boxed dinners for take-out, or to have delicious meals delivered to their offices during the work day. Barbecue plates are very popular as meal fundraisers, as are fried fish dinners. Pick a dish that will appeal to your supporters and get to work pre-selling meal tickets!

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