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Your fundraising efforts must become as all-encompassing as they can be in order for your organization to tap into a wide range of fundraising avenues. One way to try and reach out to your potential donors is through the so-called street fundraising. This kind of fundraising is a simple way of getting the necessary attention and funds. Street fundraising is all about a volunteer who stands on streets trying to get small donations from the people who pass by. You can choose to pay this street fundraiser or have one of your volunteers do the work.

Over time, this simple form of street fundraising has evolved. Nowadays, it includes the so-called door-to-door fundraising. Every organization is quite aware of the opportunities implied by this kind of fundraising; its effectiveness is easy to understand because a lot of people can be reached. The street fundraising can cover all the neighborhoods in a systematic way and its ROI is very high. But you have to make sure that the people you choose for the job are good and skilled communicators. For instance, a skilled street fundraiser can make the difference for your organization and he can repeat the donations by managing to convince every potential donor to give money to your organization on a regular basis. These regular donations are a big help for every fundraising organization because the whole year can be planned based on this assurance of all the incoming funds.

Even the small charities can benefit from this kind of fundraising. Such small charities can get regular donations for their fundraising cause and spread awareness about their work. The well known one-to-one communication works well in this case too because it is a genuine hallmark of every kind of street fundraising. This type of communication allows your potential donors to ask various questions and get all their doubts resolved right there on the spot. A skilled street fundraiser will engage people through quality verbal communication; he can use pamphlets, flyers and booklets in order to obtain the best financial support for the charity he works for.

If your organization plans to hire some professional street fundraisers and provide them with a comission, you will have to make sure that they will not use the high-pressure tacticts in order to get the funds your organization wants. Using such high-pressure tactics can work against the organization. Your safest bet is to use a team of volunteers – choose the street and the door-to-door technique as well in order to secure a maximum amount of funds. The volunteers are more likely to be genuinly comitted to your fundraising cause; they will be willing to make an effort and put in their time for no charge. Read more about their genuine motivation here. Their passion is the force that drives and motivates them. Using volunteers for the job will also create a better impression on every prospective donor because people are quite impressed by this aspect.

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