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Tips on Organizing Raffle Tickets Fundraising Events PDF

The so-called raffle tickets are among the most common ways of raising funds. Their increased popularity is due to the fact that they have a quite predictable nature. Also, they come with a family friendly approach when compared to gambling and lottery. A raffle ticket is a simple ticket that has special boxes in which a number is imprinted in accordance to the rest of the numbers bought by other customers. After the purchase, the list of gifts is displayed and each gift is given, one by one, in accordance to every number printed on the raffle tickets drawn from a tombola.

Even if the concept of the raffle tickets is similar to lottery or gambling, these tickets are less monetary oriented and they are mainly focused on giving prizes away for fund raising or charity.  Another important advantage of the raffle tickets is the fact that they are legal and they can be used anywhere as long as you take proper care of all the proceeding meant for legal fund raising or charity. By using raffle tickets, you will be able to cut your costs. Also, the necessary operations come with a cheap cost as well.

For instance, for every raffle draw, you will need tickets, prizes and an established date to have the tickets drawn. Since such prizes can be easily obtained, you may sell raffle tickets in the hundreds or even thousands in order to make sure that your raise larger amounts of funds. Here are some of the most important facts related to organizing a fundraiser based on raffle tickets.

Almost every raffle ticket production is going to be cheap enough – for instance, you can have your raffle tickets by cutting out some pieces of paper and have number written on each of them by hand. Actually, if you plan a low budget fundraiser, you will not need expensive printings or fancy tickets – all you will have to do is to take your time and cut out some colored papers and have numbers written on these pieces of paper in order to cut significant costs.

Next, you can give donated prizes or you can go for promotional items when planning a raffle ticket event. For instance, you may contact some local companies or producers in order to provide yourself with significant gifts or financial endorsements because this is a common practice when it comes to making up for quality and expensive gift pricing. You may get such donated prizes by offering some publicity in return.

Another thing you should try for your raffle tickets events is to make some promotional ticket bundle sales. For instance, you can have tickets sold at some bundle prizes and have 10 tickets sold for the exact price of 6 tickets. This way, you will provide your customers with a genuine feeling of satisfaction because they will get more chances to win the availability prizes.

Next, you should pay attention to your target audience in order to double or even triple your revenue. Your main sales targets consist of friends, families, co-workers, neighbors and general public. Just make sure that you have the necessary raffle tickets in your hand when asking for their support. Also, you may try handing them a relevant flyer that lists all your prizes and your current ticket price. However, the key point when trying to sell raffle tickets is to try and not explain everything in order to make people more curious about your raffle tickets event.       

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