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Turn Chocolate Into Money With a Candy Bar & Catalog Fundraiser PDF

Money may not go on trees, but you can certainly turn candy into money when you sign up to participate in a Gertrude Hawk candy fundraiser. Your nonprofit organization can earn some serious cash selling products that just about everyone loves.

There are three different types of Gertrude Hawk fundraisers, and your group can participate in any or all of these red hot fundraising ideas.

1. Candy Bar Sales
With the candy bar program, your group simply orders boxes, called carriers, of delicious Gertrude Hawk candy bars to sell. Each candy bar sells for $1.00 and your group keeps half. You can even earn additional profit by earning free product to sell based on large quantity orders. Simply carry the box with you wherever you go, and people will purchase delicious candy from you.

2. Catalog Sales
When you want to go further than just candy bars with your fundraising efforts, consider participating in a Gertrude Hawk catalog sales fundraiser. You’ll be able to take orders of a wide variety of products from seasonal catalogs. Selections include: several kinds of gourmet candy, nuts, gift packs and candy tins, wrapping paper, and more. 

3. Online Fundraiser
Groups can set up a free online fundraising site, broadening the scope of their target market for fundraising. You can sell delicious Gertrude Hawk candy products coast to coast. This is a great option for schools, particularly in the case of students who have grandparents and other relatives who live out of town. Now, everyone in the family can help out with kids fundraising projects simply by placing online orders.

If you’re looking for a fundraising program that has high earning potential and can be fun for everyone involved, it’s time to check out all of the terrific Gertrude Hawk fundraising programs.

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