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Are you looking for a new way for your nonprofit group to raise money? Why not choose a fundraiser that helps your group's supporters while helping raise a significant amount of money for the organization. People will thank you when they participate in your Ambit Energy Services fundraiser.

Your group will simply help its supporters switch from their current power provider to Ambit. There is no cost to switch services and no interruption in service. The only change your supporters will notice is a reduction in the size of their electricity and natural gas bills of up to 27 percent per month. Customers don't have to sign a contract, and they'll receive a free two-night travel certificate just for giving Ambit's services a try.

Even though it's free for your group's supporters to switch to Ambit, your group has an opportunity to raise a large amount of money, on an ongoing basis. Every month, your group will earn a commission of $2- $9 per month per customer as your customers pay their power bills. Your group will earn money every month on each customer who remains with Ambit Energy Services. This residual stream of income can have a positive impact on your scout troop, church group, civic organization, or other type of nonprofit organization.

To participate in the Ambit Energy Services fundraiser, your group will need to start by enrolling as an affiliate partner, which costs $99. Upon completion of enrollment, your group will receive a personalized website which you will promote to your members, other supporters, and the community at large. When new Ambit customers sign up through your group's website, you'll start earning revenue with their first billing cycle.

If you're in Texas or New York, you can get started with this unique fundraising opportunity right away. Ambit is adding additional markets, as additional states deregulate and allow competition in the electricity and natural gas industry. The fundraising program will grow as Ambit goes in to new areas.

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