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Give the Gift of Charity With CharityChoice Gift Cards PDF

Charitable giving is an important part of our culture, and many people wish they could do more to help the causes that are nearest and dearest to their hearts. Many people prefer not to receive gifts on occasions typically associated with purchasing presents.

For example, many older couples suggest wedding guests make donations to charity instead of purchasing wedding gifts for them. Additionally, it's becoming more and more common for families to request donations be made to charity in lieu of providing flowers in honor of deceased loved ones at funeral and memorial services.

One way you can honor such wishes is to present your friend or family member with a CharityChoice Gift Card. In some cases, individuals who specify they would prefer friends and family make donations to charity instead of purchasing gifts for them specify their charity of choice. In many cases, however, they just instruct that donations be given to a worthy causes.

Instead of randomly guessing which charitable organization would be the best fit, CharityChoice actually allows the recipient to choose which group receives the money you donate. Donations can be as small as $5 each, and can be any amount higher than that. CharityChoice Gift Cards, provides online and physical gift cards for a wide range of charities and other nonprofit organizations. 

Once a buyer makes a donation that is reflected on the gift card, the gift recipient may then allocate the funds toward the charity or nonprofit organization of his or her choice. To allocate the donation, the recipient simply logs in to the CharityChoice website and selects from among the more than 100 listed nonprofit organizations to choose the charity who will receive the donated funds.

With CharityChoice Gift Cards, you are able to honor the wishes of individuals who do not wish to receive personal gifts, and also allow them to choose which chartable organization will ultimately receive the donation. CharityChoice is the only fundraising organization that provides this unique opportunity to give the gift of charity in a manner such that the recipient gets to designate the ultimate beneficiary.

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