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... to work as volunteers for your fundraising organization. You need to convince these potential volunteers that they should get involved with your fundraising efforts and selflessly provide you with their ...
42. Cancer Fundraisers
(Content/Fundraising Ideas)
Cancer fund raising is among the most emotionally and practically difficult fundraisers to get started with. How you will proceed in this endeavor will be influenced by your monetary goals, your personality ...
43. Tips on Organizing Online Fundraisers
(Content/Fundraising Ideas)
Online fund raising is among the most lucrative methods when it comes to raising funds for an organization but it may come with its unique challenges once you don’t plan everything in the right way.  Social ...
44. Blog-A-Thons
(Content/Fundraising Ideas)
... comes with plenty of advantages – for instance, you will not have to face any constraints regarding weather, geographic location or physical condition of your potential donors. Actually, every person who ...
45. Tips on Writing an Effective Fundraising Letter
(Sample Fundraising Letters/Sample Fundraising Letters)
Motivating strangers to donate money to your fundraising organization can become a really daunting task unless you learn how to come up with efficient fundraising letters. In order to have such efficient ...
46. Recycling Fundraisers
(Content/Fundraising Ideas)
... raise. Remember that green fundraisers are all about being good for the environment and a recycling fundraiser will not be the exception from this rule. A recycling fundraiser will provide people with ...
47. Fair Trade Fundraising
(Content/Fundraising Ideas)
... fair trade fundraisers are the perfect way to gain a reasonable wage without having to work into some undesirable working conditions. Also, these people will not have to emigrate in richer states in order ...
48. Fundraising with E-Books
(Content/Fundraising Ideas)
... products in an online fundraiser are the digital download products – such products will allow you not to just ask for money but also offer real products that come with a real value. Here are some tips ...
49. Engraved Bricks Fundraisers
(Content/Fundraising Ideas)
A simple brick fundraiser can provide your organization with the funds it needs in order to achieve its goals. A brick fundraiser does not involve spending a fortune or too much time and it is relatively ...
50. Tips on Organizing a Candle Fundraiser
(Content/Fundraising Ideas)
... price to the ones that people find in craft or department stores. Don’t forget that if your prices are too high, your potential donors will buy less. So, you should look for a company that comes with competitively ...
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