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41. Creative Fundraising Ideas
(Content/Fundraising Ideas)
... skills right here on stage and in front of the crowd? If not, it is high time for you to include this idea in one of your fundraising events – sell tickets to this spelling contest and you will end up ...
42. How To Go Green With Your Fundraising
(Content/Fundraising Ideas)
... Such products are dry – they come as a sort of premixed powders that need eggs and water in order to become delicious goodies. You can also try a bake sale and sell organic fruits and breads. Another ...
... Make sure that you sell all the event tickets well in advance. If you plan to organize an auction, you should provide yourself with a wide range of services and items – the best tip is to host a live auction ...
44. Flea Market Fundraising
... flea market can be used in order to sell used goods and antiques; the most important thing is to provide your potential donors with a wide range of products and prices. You can host such flea markets on ...
... will be to generate the funds you need. Product Drives and Savings Cards One sure fire way to raise a lot of money is to host a fundraising drive where you sell something at a high profit margin. Here ...
If you’re looking for a fundraising idea that promises big returns, then you can’t go past cookie dough fundraising. Buying the cookie dough in bulk and selling it through your school or organisation can ...
47. Sample Selling Event Tickets Letter
(Free Fundraising Sample Letters/Free Sample Fundraising Letters)
   Sample Fundraising Letter: Selling Special Event Tickets Does your charity hold an annual capital campaign fundraising drive? If so, it's certainly important to have an effective fundraising ...
48. Raising Funds Through Candy Sales
(Free Fundraising Sample Letters/Free Sample Fundraising Letters)
... be pleased to find out first hand just how easy it is to sell candy, particularly the excellent [brand or type] sweets available through our current fundraising program.   At a price of [amount] per ...
49. Getting Parents Involved in a School Fundraiser Sample Letter
(Free Fundraising Sample Letters/Free Sample Fundraising Letters)
... asking for your assistance and support with this important opportunity to provide [School Name] students with enhanced educational opportunities. Each child is being asked to sell one [quantity] of [product ...
50. Raise Money with Taste: Plan a Food Fundraiser
(Content/Fundraising Ideas)
... popular – and most traditional – fundraisers for schools and youth groups is candy sales. Selling popular brands of candy bars to friends, neighbors, and co-workers has long been the fundraiser of choice ...
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