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41. Online Fundraising Ideas
Online fundraising can be a great way to move your organization into the 21st century. It's low-cost, easy to maintain and accessible by your donors at any time. But there are a few things to remember ...
... card from Easy Fundraising Ideas, you can choose from a range of well-known pizza franchises, or sign up your own local pizzeria and receive 10 bonus cards for free. Scratch Cards Great for small groups ...
... it can be money well spent to build a fully customized system that meets your exact needs. Set up an E-mailing List Mailing lists are a great way to keep up regular communication with donors and prospects. ...
... Fast Track Fundraising - this site has a great table where you can see how much profit you could make depending on how many tubs you sell. They also operate on a sliding scale whereby the more you sell, ...
45. Sample Selling Event Tickets Letter
(Free Fundraising Sample Letters/Free Sample Fundraising Letters)
... for [date]. Last year's event was a great success, and plans are underway to make this year's [name of event] even better. You'll enjoy [type of activity, food or entertainment], while at the same time ...
46. Raising Funds for a Youth Group Disaster Recovery Trip
(Free Fundraising Sample Letters/Free Sample Fundraising Letters)
... [location] need.   Any amount of money you’re able to contribute will be greatly appreciated, and will go a long way toward helping the residents of [location] recover from the effects of [disaster]. ...
47. Raising Funds for a Student Trip
(Free Fundraising Sample Letters/Free Sample Fundraising Letters)
...   As a member of the [student group] at [name of school], I have an opportunity to attend the  name of event] in [location]. Each member of the team put a great deal of energy and hard work into qualifying ...
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