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Fundraising letters incorporate contents that are truly necessary for any appeal to donate money or other items to a particular organization. Fundraising letters help by describing the exact requirements of every charity and should contain all the essential factors in order to be impressive and effective enough. But in the real world, a fundraising letter has to deal with lot of constraints including the addressee’s attention. For instance, if you fail to write enough in your fundraising letters, you are very likely not to raise all the money you need for your fundraising cause.

If you write too much, you may end up losing your reader and potential supporter. Nowadays, it seems that a conclusion has been reached when it comes to the ideal length of almost any fundraising letter. So, the right length of the fundraising letters sent via mail should be around two to four pages. Here are the main reasons why you should stick to this length when writing your fundraising letters:

  • First, if you stick to this particular length, you will get higher chances of being read. Remember that you are not likely to get the donations you need if your fundraising letter is not able to keep the reader’s attention. For instance, if you go for excessively long letter, you will make your reader put aside your letter in order to read it other time or you may have him skip it over altogether. Keep in mind that you want each of your donors to pick up the fundraising letter you have sent to him and feel like reading it in that very moment.
  • Secondly, the right length of a fundraising letter will also help you keep your costs down. Keep in mind that a fundraising letter is all about raising the necessary funds for your organization. So, you should not spend a fortune on posting and printing it. For instance, a shorter fundraising letter makes economic sense when it comes to sending it to the thousands of people you are likely to have on your mailing list.  
  • Thirdly, a short fundraising letter is likely to allow you to ask for the exact things you want from your potential supporters. You must think hard about all the things you are planning to accomplish through your fundraising letters campaign in order to be able to tell your readers exactly what you want from them and you have to do this in less than 4 pages. 2 to 4 pages provide you with plenty of space to manage and ask for the donations you need and then explain the way you are going to spend them on your fundraising project.

A shorter fundraising letter will also force you to stay succinct and this is to be regarded as a great thing in terms of really necessary pieces of background information. Keep in mind that your potential donors aren’t likely to have too much time at their disposal and they will need you to highlight your fundraising cause. Make sure that you understand this when writing and sending fundraising letters to your potential donors – keep each of your letters to a reasonable length that is quite easy to read and even act on.         

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