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Using Donation Boxes for Your Fund Raising PDF

Fund raising is an activity that requires a lot of time, paid staff and volunteers. But you can lessen your time expenditure by using donation boxes placed in strategic places. You can see such donation boxes almost at every local supermarket or convenience store – you can use these small boxes by dropping the extra coins you have and help a worthy fund raising cause. Donation boxes are placed right next to the cash register in order for the customers to see them and donate a small amount of money.

Donation boxes are to be used mainly because they require a minimal effort from your part. Once you decide that some donation boxes would increase your funds, you should start by identifying all the possible locations that can be used in order to place your donation boxes. List all the possible locations and request permission to place each of your donation boxes.

You can go for some professional looking donation boxes. Such boxes come with all the necessary pieces of information printed on their label. Or you can make everything by yourself and have such labels printed and glued to your donation boxes. You may even choose to make and decorate each of your donation boxes in order to provide your potential donors with clearly labeled fund raising information. Once you have your donation boxes, you should go and ask all the selected merchants in order to get their permission to place your boxes next to their checkouts. Make sure you are well dressed and polite and be clear about your fund raising efforts in order to convince the selected merchants that you stand for a worthy fund raising cause.

Once you manage to have a donation box within a particular location, you will have to send a thank you letter or email in order to show your genuine appreciation. Such a thank you note will make the merchants think about your fund raising cause and feel appreciated. One of the latest trends when it comes to using donation boxes is using the acrylic boxes in order to prevent possible thefts. Such acrylic donation boxes look like glass. Also, they are quite easy to transport and lightweight enough. Due to the fact that acrylic donation boxes are glossy and clear, they can be used in almost every decor because they really can blend in. By using such donation boxes, you will not distract the attention from other things that may be happening in a particular space.

Most store owners are likely to prefer such acrylic donation boxes to the standard donation boxes and they are more willing to have them placed in their store. The design of such acrylic donation boxes comes with a special sign holder that will make it easier for you to advertise your fund raising cause. Such a sign holder can make the difference when compared with a donation box that is simply placed in a store. An acrylic donation box is also shatterproof and this feature allows you to place your donation box almost within every location.

The box is well-built and strong enough in order to eliminate the risk of being smashed. You can get into such a donation box only if you have the key or blow a torch. This means that donations will stay safe in there. Also, the box can be chained to a sturdy item on the counter in order to stay where it was placed. Keep in mind that an ideal donation container is all about being a see-through item in order for your potential donors to see how much money has already been donated and motivate themselves in order to provide your fund raising cause with their own spare change when at the cash register.       

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