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Every fundraising organization faces the same challenge: how to get more people to donate. Publicity is a key factor and it has to be properly used in order to draw more donors to your organization. Some of the basic tips on using publicity include putting details on the official website of the organization, putting them in print (flyers, newspapers), participating in various gatherings and events in order to announce your own fundraising events and keeping your reason for fundraising and goals up front.

The use of personalized flyers works well when dealing with a small community. It makes sense to try and print such flyers for each of your fundraising events. For instance, you will have to make sure that each of these flyers has a large logo of your organization right on the front in order to increase awareness about your fundraising organization. Another important aspect is the font you use for printing – stick to the boldface text that states the time, location and date of your upcoming fundraising event. The flyers need to be properly distributed well in advance in order for you to gather as many people as you can. For instance, if your organization plans to host a performance, silent auction or pancake breakfast, the flyers can work miracles because they can advertise your event in the right way.

You can also try and find a local printer who wants to sponsor your event and have these flyers printed for free in order to support your team. You can also let this printer advertise his business on the back side of the flyers. This a win-win situation you should take full advantage of because his business will become more involved in your local community and the public relationships will be improved as well. Perhaps you should include this opportunity in your future fundraising campaigns.

Using flyers for fundraising promotions is a wise strategy. All you have to do is to make sure that the message on the flyer touches the emotional side of every potential reader. The message should also reflect the past successes of your organization – people are more inclined to give money to campaigns that have already been successful in the past. The unproven fundraising events may not seem quite appealing to your potential donors. The headline of your flyer must be captivating enough in order for the people to be willing to read the rest of the content. Convey the message in few clear words.

A well designed flyer is a viable option that can create the necessary buzz about your fundraising event without having to spend a fortune on it. Your team must distribute these flyers in order to cover all the locations – the bus stands, movie theatres, sporting events and malls are places for your volunteers to start from. You will also have to think of the amount of money you are willing to pay – printing these flyers can be quite expensive. But if you know how to provide a powerful and simple content, you will be able to stick to a limited fundraising budget. Keep in mind that the amount of funds that your event generates will depend on the number of people who attend your event.     

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