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Tips On Running a Long-Term Fundraising Business PDF

When you want your fundraisers to provide you with significant income on a regular basis, you should pay attention to the following tips in order to have them implemented in your future fund raising campaigns.

  • Start by committing your organization 1 year to a particular project. Once you keep on doing different fundraisers on a monthly basis, you may end up having your mindset shifting from one topic to another. So, you will have to stop thinking about how many funds your organization will raise and try to focus on building a really solid fund raising business.
  • Keep in mind that most fund raiser are likely to run for almost 2 months each and you will have to think about how you are going to earn all the necessary funds for your entire year. But if you are planning to become a long term fund raising business, you will have to pay attention to other aspects. For instance, you will have to think about how you are going to organize your volunteers and what kind of products you are planning to offer.
  • Also, you will have to come up with the right system that can allow you to keep track of each of your orders. Once you are trully determined to develop a long term fundraiser, you will have to start building the necessary relationships with all your supporters – this is a crucial aspect that may not be so important when dealing with a standard two week fundraiser. For instance, when planning a two week fundraiser, you will have to do your best and sell all your products in an easy way – it is just an one time sale and it will not matter whether your supporters are happy or not. But this is not the case with a long term fundraiser. On contrary, such a fundraiser will require you to work even more and right from the beginning.
  • Actually, it’s quite a hard work to organize and develop your teams and to find your necesasry products. Putting in place your ordering systems is another daunting task, together with ”developing” some trustworthy and long term customers. But the great piece of news is that you will not have to do this once again. A continuous fundraiser needs really hard work just at its beginning. Once you manage to make your first time customer become a long term and repeat customer, you will not have to do this again. Keep in mind that it’s important for you to remember your fund raising goals in order to develop your future ongoing fund raising income.
  • Next, you will have to organize your volunteers – appoint your volunteers for their year long positions. This way, you will make sure that their jobs are well defined so they know what they are supposed to do and are committed to. Laying everything out is paramount in order to avoid further confusion. Each of your volunteers must know his/her exact responsibilities. Keep in mind that less confusion means less stress and this will help you find people who will fill the necessary positions in the right way.
  • Next, you will have to choose the right service or product. Keep in mind that choosing such a product/service for your long term fundraiser is going to be different than the job you normally do for a 2 week fundraiser. Make sure that you choose a product that has value to your potential customers, is consumable and consider whether your volunteers may feel embarrassed about trying to offer your customers the same product once again or not.Once your fund raising group is really proud of using and selling a particular product/service, they will feel more happy about trying to promote it.      

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