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Tips on Organizing an Elementary School Fundraiser PDF

Without efficient school fundraisers, many schools would be unable to function in their best way. Such fundraisers are used in order to pay for a wide range of things that cannot be covered by the standard budget. Here are the main things you should keep in mind in order to plan you school fundraisers and get the most out of your fund raising efforts.

  • First, you will have to get your potential participants excited and truly motivated to sell your things and raise the necessary funds. You can do this by picking a program students love or you may try raising money for things that your students want really bad. Keep in mind that a motivated and excited fund raising team is likely to sell more.
  • Organization is to be regarded as the key element when it comes to organizing successful fund raising programs. So, you will have to come up with specific dates in order to start and finish your fund raising event. Also, you will need dates in order to turn in your products and have them distributed. By managing to communicate with every member of your fund raising team, you will be able to remove plenty of headaches that are usually associated with elementary school fundraisers.
  • You may use one of the following ideas in order to make sure that you raise the necessary funds – for instance, you may auction off dollhouses, kids' artwork, hold interesting school carnivals or even play days, sell some specialty items that include flower bulbs and candles, host a chilli supper and a bake sale or sell ribbons and wrapping paper around major holidays. These are some of the most common ideas for elementary school fundraisers. But if you are looking for brand-new and fresh ideas, you can find plenty of options available online.
  • Following up on tasks and delving out responsibilities is essential as well in order to raise the necessary funds during the elementary school fundraisers. Another thing you should consider is selling some quality products. Festive elementary school fundraisers are among the most effective ways to provide a school with everything it needs. Such fundraisers may be organized before every major holiday. Holiday grams may be distributed all around your community and within school. But make sure that you are not selling such holiday grams for more than 40 or 50 cents because your clients will primarily be students. 
  • In order to keep all your costs really low, you may try using construction paper that is purchased tax free through your school district. Also, you may use a die-cutting machine in order to make the necessary festive shapes – pumpkins for Halloween and trees for Christmas. Before your fund raising sale, your students will start distributing order forms. Next, they will collect the forms and money.
  • Eco-friendly fundraisers may also be considered for your elementary school events. Search for companies that can provide your school with very attractive eco-friendly products that may be sold to grandparents, parents and other persons from your community. For instance, you can go for reusable office or home product, bags and other things that can be provided by eco-friendly companies. You may use an eco-friendly fundraiser in order to tie your school into an Earth Day celebration.


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