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Providing a wide range of ways for people to support your organization and attracting them to your cause are the two key elements of every fundraising event. Here are some simple steps for you to follow in order to transform your fundraising event into a genuine success.

  • You need to get publicity for your event – for instance, the media coverage is vital when trying to draw a large crow. The first thing you should do is to put together an interesting press release that describes your cause and fundraising event. Television, radio stations and newspapers are searching for interesting stories for their viewers, listeners and readers. Therefore, you need to follow the current standard when it comes to putting together a press release – where, who, what, when, why and how are the key questions – include their answers in your press release. Learn how to write your press release from here. The summary paragraph must be focused on a particular storyline - the most compelling one behind your fundraising event. This storyline can make the difference for the way your event goes – remember that human interest stories are likely to be the most popular ones.
  • Another thing you should try and do is to ask your local celebrities to come over and share their life stories with your audience. Such local celebrities are quite newsworthy in themselves – their simple presence will mean a lot for your audience. You can also include the funny aspects of your fundraising event – for instance, if you have an unusual setting, theme or prize, let people find out about it in order to attract them to your event.
  • Your press release must be distributed to all the media contacts in the local market. Do not forget about the accompanying photos – they need to be focused on every newsworthy aspect of the fundraising event.
  • Sending out your press releases is not enough. You must make all the follow-up phone calls – the major newspapers and television stations must contacted by phone. Try and have a purpose behind each of your calls and offer an interview with an important member/volunteer of your organization. Getting a substantial publicity is the key element because you need to create a strong desire in readers/viewers to attend your fundraising event.
  •  Do not leave any funraising opportunity unused – for instance, start by pricing the event tickets in order to maximize your revenue but without sacrificing the potential participation. Make sure that you sell all the event tickets well in advance. If you plan to organize an auction, you should provide yourself with a wide range of services and items – the best tip is to host a live auction with a professional auctioneer.Or, if you want something special, you can go for the silent auction. Find out more about this here. Include a cash bar because this is a smart way to boost your results. For instance, you can go for exclusive whiskey or wine tasting – choose the beverage that fits the event profile. Exclusive restaurants can provide your event with gourmet dinners because they can be extremely attractive to your audience – they are among the best event enhancements. There are plenty of people who would pay more for meals cooked by a famous chef – the prestige factor works miracles in this case too.      

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