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Tips on Motivating Your Fundraising Team PDF

Motivating your own team is one of the most important things when it comes to organizing a successful fundraiser. The key elements to having a really profitable fundraiser are motivation, follow through and participation. Here are some of the best tips in order for you to use and motivate your team.

  • Start by involving your staff in the initial selection of your future fundraiser in order for them to feel that they are a really valuable part of your decision making progress. One of the greatest ways to do this is to try and find a couple of great fundraisers that can make our group be excited about. Get all the information you need about such great fundraisers. Then, you should present the pieces of information you have to your fund raising group in order for them to ask extra questions and get the necessary feedback.
  • Pay attention to the fundraisers that get your staff excited and go with that particular fund raising themes. Once the members of your team are really excited about a particular type of fundraiser, they will be more likely to enjoy doing everything and work even harder. Next, you should try and inspire some quality and friendly competition among your team members – for instance, you may have them set some goals and try to battle it out. Just make sure that the winning group is going to get a prize.
  • Another thing you should do in order to motivate your team is to check in with them on a regular basis in order to see the way your competition is going and whether your team works harder or not. Another important aspect related to the proper motivation of your team is accountability – keep in mind that each of your group members must know that his or her fund raising efforts affect the final outcome. So, you should make sure that you have the right system that guarantees that every person is genuinely accountable and feels his or her responsibility to try his or her best and make each of your fundraisers a real success.
  • Try your best in order to follow up and encourage your team once you notice that they really need this. Praise all their efforts. Once each of your members is involved and feels accountable, your fundraiser will have more chances to become a successful endeavor. Keep the friendly competitive spirit among your fund raising team and make sure that each of them cares about your cause. For instance, it can be quite difficult to raise funds for a general cause because your team may not know what this general cause is about.
  • Once your team does not see the direct and immediate benefit  to their efforts, they will find it more difficult to get involved in that particular fund raising campaign. Fund raising goals must be set right from the start in order for each individual to know what is expected to do and get.  Making sure that each member is goal-oriented is paramount when it comes to guaranteeing the success of your fundraiser.            

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