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Tips on Having an Effective Fundraising Website PDF

Providing your potential donors with an easy to understand and donor-friendly website is paramount when looking for a compelling online presence for your fund raising organization. Once you have such a website, you will win potential donors on a regular basis and increase awareness towards your fund raising efforts. Here are some basic tips for you to follow in order to make sure that your website is really compelling.

  • Start by keeping your online presence visual enough because the vast majority of your visitors are likely to be quite visual. Also, you will have to make sure that all the gift descriptions are illustrative enough. For instance, you should use drawings and plenty of call-outs. Also, you must keep your paragraphs short in order not to bore your visitors. Have many breaks and make sure that each of your copies is web-centric enough.
  • Once you manage to use some extensive gift descriptions, you may turn them into real options to be clicked right through. Also, you should incorporate some interactive tools in order to make sure that your website is sticky enough. Interactive tools will keep all your visitors busy enough and this will create a genuine bond with your fun raising organization. In addition to gathering valuable and necessary data, surveys will keep all your customers from wanting to leave your website. They will become more prone to playing around and develop a bond with your fund raising products.
  • Another wise thing for you to do in order to improve your online presence is to illustrate donors – provide the story-tell regarding the reason why they are donating money or things to your organization. Such donor stories are likely to create the second-time donations or gifts and even motivate other people to donate money to your organization. However, you should not expect all your prospects to pay attention and read all your massive planned and giving content. So, you should offer them some really compelling stories about the reason why other people have donated money to your organization. Such donor stories will make your prospects identify themselves with your previous donors – also, they will give you the chance to become friendly and talk about your fund raising cause.
  • You must make your fund raising cause and vision clear right from the start and right on page 1. Continue by letting all your prospects find out more about how easy it is to donate funds to your organization. Also, you must make everything easy for your visitors to contact your organization and provide them with the necessary phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Plus, you should place your photo together with your online bio in order for your visitors to find out more about who they are addressing.                 


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