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A key aspect for you to know is that raising money is just the tip of your fund raising campaign. Even if raising money is the main goal when organizing a fundraiser, you will have to take a better look at a fund raising bigger picture. This means that if you are planning to organize more than one fund raising event, you will have to start branding your organization along with every event your organize in order for you to become a real professional.

  • Branding is all about letting people find out about your fund raising organization and your goals. By letting them know more about what you are doing, you will enable them to carry your message in all the things your organization represent, say or do. Keep in mind that branding is likely to ”happen” even if you plan this or not. The perception of your fund raising organization may be bad or good. So, you will have to guide, steer and influence people with all the choices you make in respect of your fund raising organization.
  • For instance, a positive branding campaign will generate more customers and stronger return donations as well as spread the word about what you and your organization are doing. This is going to bring repeated businesses and make each of your fundraiser more profitable and successful. People will be more likely to advertise for your organization and look forward for each of your fundraisers. But if you choose to ignore the image and perception of your organization among people, you may get a negative branding that may affect your future actions in an unwanted way.
  • Next, you should start thinking as if you were a retailer. The concept stays the same whether your organization sells products or collects cash donations. You will have to treat each of your donors/supporters like real customers because, in fact, this is what each of them is. Keep in mind that customers look for great service, great value and quality products. These are the same traits you must adopt in each of your fundraisers in order to guarantee its success.
  • Go for quality products that are sold during your fund raising auctions. Keep in mind that, from a consumer’s point of view, a product really needs to be affordable and quality. So, if you want to get significant profit margin, you should go for a fairly unique, great and highly-consumable item. Be gracious with your donors and thank them generously. Also, let your donors know where their money went in order to fully understand how they have helped your fund raising organization. By doing this, you will provide your donors with a genuine sense of accomplishment while managing to build a precious relationship by making each of them feel appreciated. Keep in mind that satisfaction with your fund raising organization builds and even broadens your future customer base.
  • Another important thing when planning and organizing a fundraiser is not letting your potential donors see that your team sweats. You should not let them know that you are stressed, even if this is true. For instance, your potential donors may think that your stress is related to not being well organized or not knowing what you have to do and this will make them less likely to trust your organization with their future donations.     

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