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The plastic fundraising cards are wallet-sized wonders that can be used in order to raise the necessary funds for your organization. Such cards can be designed in order to include a wide range of discounts – these discounts will be accepted by the national, regional and local merchants in your target area. The typical fundraising card will retail for $10; it will also offer an unlimited usage of a wide range of special offers. In addition, your organization might use the limited time offers that will be provided by a particular merchant through the fundraising card. This kind of offer covers almost half the initial purchase price of a service or product. Some of the most popular retailer promotions include discounts on sandwiches, free drinks with particular fast food orders, money saving offers, haircut discounts and many more.

The results are impressive when using the plastic fundraising cards. Your organization might also have these plastic cards personalized for further impact. For instance, you can place the name and logo of your organization right on the plastic card; you can also choose to have a particular design on both sides of the card. This way, you will brand your message and make people retain your name through the genuinely perceived value of using and keeping the plastic card. The fundraising cards can be used for just one year and every card should display its expiration date right on the front in order to let people know about this. Actually, the proper dating of the plastic fundraising card will create the necessary sense of urgency – the card will help your organization build a market wherein this particular card will be used for repeated purchases.

Your organization might consider using these cards with the efficient participation of a fast food or pizza chain because such merchants will include deals that are extremely appealing to people. A card can provide the customer with the well-known free drink or two-for-one offer that comes together with every order. Associating your plastic cards with a popular fast food chain can be regarded as a definite winner because your cards are very likely to produce some high unit volumes and significant profit margins. Such cards are easy to use and sell and you will achieve exceptional fundraising results on every level. The offers may vary and you will have to choose the ones that suit your fundraising goals.

If you are planning to raise a larger amount of money, you could ask for the participation of a national company. The plastic fundraising cards can communicate a high consumer value – their low price will enable a wide acceptance among people. Even their convenient size will stimulate their attractiveness as a true marketing and fundraising tool. Your organization should use the fundraising cards because their efficiency have already been proven – they are the perfect tools that can move up the money for your fundraising organization.      

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