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Restaurant Night Fundraiser PDF

The restaurant night fundraiser is one of the most used events when it comes to raising significant funds. There are many restaurants that can offer such a “restaurant fund raising night” and you should consider this type of fund raising event especially if you are planning to raise a larger amount of money. The general scheme of this type of fund raising event is based on the following things:

  • The chosen restaurant will provide your fund raising organization with an established percentage of all the sales on that particular restaurant night.
  • Once you designate a particular restaurant night, you will have to bring customers to the restaurant. Keep in mind that the restaurant is very likely to limit the number of restaurant nights available for your fund raising organization – for instance, its slower nights are likely to be preferred.

The main pro when it comes to a restaurant night is the fact that you will need no planning. Also, you will not have to invest a large amount of money in order to have things organized and take care of. For instance, if the chosen restaurant will require you a coupon or flyer to be presented in order for your fund raising organization to receive the necessary credit, this item will usually be printed by the staff working at the restaurant.

The main reasons why a restaurant is interested to have such restaurant nights for a fund raising group include the fact that the image of the restaurant will be improved (giving something back to a community will enhance the corporate image of every restaurant), the restaurant will be more likely to be filled in one of its slower nights and new people will be introduced to the chosen restaurant, people that might not visit that particular location otherwise. Basically, almost every restaurant is likely to provide you with such an opportunity.

However, you should pay attention to the fact that many franchise and chain restaurants are likely to be available for your fund raising only if their individual restaurant operator agrees to do this. Terms of your fundraiser are likely to vary from one restaurant to another. However, many local restaurants are really interested to host such fund raising nights and you should add them to your potential list as well because they are more likely to offer you better deals when compared to franchisees and chain restaurants.

Once you have chosen a particular restaurant, you should get a personal connection to a manager, owner, operator or a person who works there in order to get the best deal. Having a really successful night fundraiser is all up to you. Make sure that you advertise your restaurant night to all your potential donors and make sure that these people show up. For instance, you should ensure a large turnout and you can do this by asking your friends and family members to attend your restaurant night as well.

There are restaurants that will allow your own staff to work behind their counters during the restaurant night. Also, you may be allowed to set up a particular area in order to inform every visitor of your fund raising cause and solicit the necessary donations by using a donation box that can be placed right next to the cash register. Another popular method to solicit donations is to ask your guests to donate each change they get back from the meal purchase. Once you decide that you should use restaurant nights more often for your fund raising cause, you will have to make sure that you rotate the chosen locations in order to get the best results.    

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