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Pros and Cons of the Most Common Fundraising Activities PDF

Determination and dedication are the key factors when it comes to organizing a successful fund raising event. When trying to organize such a fundraiser, you will have many options to choose from. There is a wide range of fund raising activities that have various strategies, orientations and nature. Here are the main pros and cons of the most popular fund raising activities in order to help your organization choose the one that can raise the necessary funds.

  • Entertainment coupon books, scratch-off cards and discount cards are well known for their high profit margin, a profit margin that can reach 100%. One of the main pros when it comes to using such fund raising activities is the fact that they are quite easy to understand and even easier to use when compared to other ways of fund raising. However, they come with some cons as well. For instance, your organization will have to pre-purchase all the necessary items and try to estimate how many of them will be sold. So, you may end up with significant leftovers. Another con related to these types of fund raising activities is the fact that almost every fund raising organization is planning to have some of them. So, you should better try and explore other options in order to come up with really unique fund raising events.
  • Festivals, bake sales and car washes are other popular fund raising events. The main pro related to them is the fact that they can create a genuine sense of community among all the participants. However, the cons related to such fund raising activities include putting too much work on a small group of volunteers. When planning such a fund raising event, you should consider the fact that not every participant is going to get involved. Also, such fund raising activities need longer work hours, a minimal return on the initial investment and too many volunteers. 
  • Silent auctions and raffles are popular as well when it comes to raising significant amounts of money. If you can auction or raffle some high value items, you will generate an increased interest in your participants and this will turn out to be a really profitable aspect for your fund raising organization. However, the cons related to silent auctions and raffles include a huge amount of promotional and organizational work. You will also have to find the right site for your silent auction or raffle and deal with all the take-down and set-up tasks. Also, you will have to solicit donations for such fund raising events and your volunteers may find this difficult to handle.
  • Catalog sale is another option for your fund raising activities. A catalog sale will come with limited upfront fees and it is easily understood by younger participants. The main con of this type of fundraiser is the fact that it isn’t an unique event. For instance, there may be other fund raising groups that are using the same catalog as you. Another con may be the fact that the items you want to sell aren’t of very good quality - this way, they will be more likely to end up right in the landfill. 

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