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Using powerful communication tools is important when trying to boost the visibility, recognition and profit of your fundraising organization. But a well chosen communication tool can have a quite positive effect on other people as well. For instance, a creative idea for your fundraiser can be used in order to inform and bring the necessary enlightenment to larger groups of people who were living in ignorance until this very moment. For instance, you can create pamphlets, documentaries or host a blog in order to communicate with your potential donors. A creative fundraising idea can also instruct people – keep in mind that knowledge is likely to be a very hot commodity that almost every person will pay for. What you are planning to teach, someone else will be willing to pay in order to learn it from you.

The communication tools you use might inspire other people as well – your organization has the potential to become a genuine source of inspiration regarding the social conduits. When used in the right way, communication can increase the visibility of your fundraising organization – remember that positioning your fundraising message is to be regarded as a good party conversation because you will have to learn how to find out more about the person who sits next to you or across the table. Therefore, the act of trying to translate the fundraising message into the piece of information that has the potential to get people’s attention and stick right in their mind is of paramount importance for your organization. This is called positioning and it is all about reaching your targeted audience through the right fundraising message.

There are plenty of fundraising organizations that are struggling with positioning their messages – your organization should be an exception from this rule and you will have to use all the knowledge you have in order to target your audience. Make sure that you know your audience’s interests and that your fundraising message reveals what you want these people to know and do for your fund raising cause. Keep in mind that their needs and your organization’s needs are not the same. Actually, the main purpose of your targeted communication is to try and inspire some specific actions that will get the desired results for the organization. All people, donors and consumers included, are very likely to react to a fundraising message based on genuine emotional appeals. Therefore, you will have to do your best in order to appeal their interests and needs because this will break or make the reaction you expect from them.

Just follow the next steps in order to position your fundraising message in an efficient way - identify the communications goal, list all your audiences, identify the interests of every audience by relating back to your own fund raising goal, identify the desired results your organization expects from each audience – these results must be specific to your goal, determine the right emotional appeal that has the potential to drive your audience and apply all this knowledge in order to develop your message. So, know your audience, know what your organization wants to achieve and plan everything according to the following principle - more emotion and less logic.

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