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Organizing A Live Fundraising Auction PDF

The general fundraising scenario shows that the live auction is more likely to raise almost 35% more money than the silent auction. This genuine difference has something to do with a professional touch when it comes to identifying the worthwhile cause mixed with the human tendency to get on with live things – this mix is the one that brings forward the huge difference between a live auction and a silent one. For instance, a single live auction per year is likely to pull a larger amount of money when compared to other collection hazards. But this live auction must be professionally and properly planned and your organization will have to do this at least four to five months prior to the fundraising event date. Fundraising can become a regular exercise for almost every organization that tries to get the necessary money for its cause – but fundraising is more efficient when a live auction is organized.

By organizing such an event, the public image of your organization will be improved as well because public awareness is a key factor when trying to be successful in your fundraising endeavors. If this public awareness is undermined, you will fail to uphold and sustain your fundraising organization for long. People need to become aware of your existence and you need to provide them with clear clues and indications of your mission and cause in order to convince them to become your long-time supporters. The live auction can have a positive and strong impact and the public moral will be boosted in order to donate and make a difference for your cause. And you shouldn't forget about all the fun elements that are usually associated with the live auctions because these elements will be the ones that will add extra life to your whole fundraising process.

The success of your live auctions will depend on the auctioneer – it is all about point-blank and proper communication with your audience. But if you choose to use a volunteer auctioneer, the communication may run some risks of becoming just a one-way process. Therefore, you should think of hiring a real professional because he/she is the only one who can restore every moment in order not to “lose” the audience. In this case, the professionally licensed auctioneer will be your best choice.

But the part of the auctioneer isn't the only part that must be taken into account. On the contrary, your organization will have to pay attention to the right management as well because the auction needs to be professionally managed. Therefore, start looking for pieces of advice coming from professionals – your hard earned reputation will be at stake during the live auction and you should remember this when planning such a fundraising event. Here are some tips for you to follow in order to make the best out of your future live auction.

Try and combine the auction with other fundraising events because there are plenty of earning avenues for you to choose from. Here you cand find a wide range of resources that can help you choose the right earning avenue for your organization.  For instance, you can combine your live auction with a spaghetti dinner and charge the participants per plate.

Another idea you might consider is to get all the auction items early – it takes time to gather such items and you must make sure that you have provided the auction event with all the items to sell.

Finally, you should keep a very good record of everything that took place at your live auction – you can read more about keeping track of your fundraising here; you really need to keep every detail regarding your donations in order to make sure that there are no special rules on your donations and to get their estimated value.                         

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