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The success of your group's next fundraising program is largely dependent on how motivated your volunteers are in the beginning of the campaign, and how much their motivation is sustained throughout your fundraising efforts. If you're in charge of a charity fundraiser, you have to take on the role of being the sales manager.

That's really what you're doing. When you're in charge of a fundraiser, you become a sales manager. Your volunteers are your sales force. The first thing you'll have to do to start them out on the right foot is to provide them with effective product knowledge training. You can't expect your volunteers to sell products or services if they don't understand them.

Make sure to provide your volunteers with all the information they need about the particulars of whatever it is they are selling. It's also important to train them regarding the features and benefits of the items or services, so they'll be able to explain their wares to prospective purchasers the right way.

Once you've made sure your volunteers understand the products, make sure to provide them with basic selling skills. Many people who sign up to help with charity fundraisers have no prior experience in selling anything. It can be very helpful to develop sales scripts so that volunteers can practice before they start selling.

When your volunteers have product knowledge and sales skills, the next thing they need in order to be properly motivated is information about how their efforts will help the charity in the long run. Make sure your volunteer sales force knows where the money will go and how it will be used. Make sure they understand how important a successful fundraising campaign is, and be sure they know that their efforts are significant.

When you take care of these things before you send your volunteers out to start trying to make sales, you'll have taken important steps toward getting your fundraiser off on the right foot. As the campaign workers begin to experience success, be sure to recognize their hard work and successful efforts. This will go a long way toward sustaining long term motivation.

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