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Fundraising depends on communication and this is the main reason why you should consider including mobile phones in your fundraising campaigns – they can provide you with a great platform that can be used by fundraisers. When used in conjunction with other types of media including landlines, direct mails and Internet, the mobile phone fundraising campaign will enable your charity to conduct more targeted efforts when it comes to getting fresh donors and staying in close touch with your existing ones.

The greatest thing about running such a mobile phone fundraising campaign is the fact that you will be able to assimilate plenty of the costs that are usually associated with a standard fundraising campaign into your already existing costs. Apart from this, you can use mobile phones for your fundraising campaigns in order to establish immediate contact. Also, by using mobile phones, you can expect direct and immediate reactions from your message receivers. This is why mobile phones are ideal tools when it comes to getting immediate support – for instance, a simple, direct and short message can really make the difference when it comes to raising funds for a major accident or natural disaster. Its effects are sure when eliciting favorable responses in quick time.

Additionally, you can get really creative when using mobile phones in your fundraising campaigns. For instance, downloadable ring tones are to be regarded as a great and highly effective way to ask for your supporters’ help. By using effective mobile fundraising, your organization will be able to reach new demographics that have not been touched yet by other types of fundraising methods. For instance, a demographic may not be a consumer of television, print or email content. In its case, you can use mobile phone fundraising in order to reach it with your call to action and make these people contribute to your fundraising cause. This will happen mainly because you communicate your message at their current level and by using the always available mobile phone.

Also, mobile fundraising can delete the possible delay between your call of action and your supporters’ action. When compared to other fundraising methods, mobile fundraising can enable your supporters to act immediately, without any delay. The mobile campaign setup and all the ongoing fees for it are likely to be quite low and your organization will have to cover a smaller cost in order to enter such a campaign, a campaign that comes with high potential returns too. Additionally, mobile fundraising integrates pretty well with popular social networks such as Facebook or Twitter – this way, you can take full advantage of these social networks and initiate an effective mobile giving transaction.                   

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