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Keeping records of all your fundraiser details is vital because your organization really needs these pieces of information in order to design the  future campaigns. The first event is most likely to be a trial process for you and your team. This trial period will continue until you find out what things can work best for your fundraising campaign. But if you organize your second or third fundraising event, you should use your prior experience and track your own success in order to complete your future fundraising tasks. By paying attention to the following tips, you will learn how to keep track of every single fundraising event you plan to organize in the future to come.
  • Start by writing down all the necessary information about your past fundraising experience; every piece of information related to one of your fundraising events should be written down in order to use it for comparison and preparation when planning to organize another event. Your organization should also recognize its own weak points and strengths; take good note of them because you can use this information in order to improve the organization of your future fundraising campaigns.You can also find some useful organization tips here. Even your future fundraisers and volunteers will be able to use this information once you have archived it.
  • Another thing you might do is to get some genuine opinions coming from your volunteers, merchants, sponsors and supporters. You have to get their opinion during and soon after each of your fundraising events. Just take notes of everything they can provide to you. For instance, you could try and find out what is their real opinion about the event – ask them to list the pros and cons because you can use this information in order to figure out what is to be done in order to improve the future events. Just try and brainstorm – fit all the new tips and ideas coming from them and include them in your future fundraising strategies.
  • If your fundraising organization has its own website, try and post all these fundraising details on the website. By doing this, you can allow the merchants and companies to contact your organization at anytime and you won't have to wait until the last minute before your event begins. You can start promoting all your future fundraising campaigns on the website. So remember that all you need to do is to put up all the necessary information about all the events that you have already hosted in your past – by doing this, you will already be preparing the upcoming event. Just create excitement on your website in order to make every individual want to take part or be a part of it. This way you will raise the necessary funds and put them to a good use. After the fundraising event is over, you should take some moments and write to every sponsor in order to thank him for his/her contribution and tell him/her where the money have been spent. The personal touch is to be used because this way you will make people want to get more involved and you will also make sure that they will become involved in all your future fundraising events.               

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