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The best way to improve your fundraising results is to try and get your raffle, event information or product offer in front of a large audience. Fundraising is all about approaching your supporters and using the right sales strategies in order to meet your donor’s needs and your financial goals. You must increase your sales staff and come with more attractive offers for your potential donors. You will also have to offer significant discounts, do special promotions, seek out new potential donors, get favorable publicity and get more volunteers to help you. The attractive offers are the ones that have widespread appeal and are focused on a specific audience. For instance, a fundraising event that includes casino nights should not be marketed as a family event. If you are planning a fundraising event for families, you should stick to daytime activities that include funny games that every attendee will enjoy.

Your organization must try and reach new people on a regular basis because this will grow your fundraising but without ignoring the current client base. Therefore, your organization must have a special group that focuses exclusively on expanding the reach of your organization. The growth group must be used in order to target new audiences. For instance, if you sell raffle tickets, you will have to setup the sale tables right outside the retail locations in order to reach a larger audience. But if you are promoting a fund raising event, you might contact other fund raising groups in order to market the event tickets to their own supporters and for a reasonable revenue share. Remember to run each of your fund raising activities like a real business because this is the way for you to increase the current market share of your organization. This way, you will also increase the so-called mind share in the market and this instant name recognition is likely to work wonders for your future fundraisers.

When looking for the right audience for your fundraiser, you should think of the high cost of living - people have less money to donate and support your organization and you will have to look for new ways to maximize the future donations in order to support your fundraising cause. The idea of trying to sell merchandise for higher prices has been quite popular but people have become disillusioned with having to pay double for items just to make the profits go to a particular fundraising cause. They seem to be more willing to donate half of this cost to a fundraising organization and keep the other half for gasoline or food. Therefore, your organization should focus more on organizing events that can make people donate their money directly to you.

If you are looking for corporate donations, you should train your team in order to seek out and convince the local or national businesses that is their own interest to try and help your organization. Show them how your organization can become a benefit for them - tell them more about the importance of having their name as donors and how this can improve their subsequent businesses and community relationships. Emphasize the fact that donation is to be regarded more as a genuine investment than a necessary expense. But remember that not all businesses are likely to have the necessary freedom of choice. Businesses might not have the open checkbook for such expenses if they are governed by a board of shareholders and directors because their opinion often dictates how the profits must be put back in the business. Therefore, your organization must provide this board with a fundraising cause that meets their demand - do a research before approaching a particular corporate business in order to find out whether it is the right supporter for you or not.

Smaller businesses are easier to approach because they have more autonomy when it comes to making a donation. However, such businesses will have a smaller budget too. Therefore, you will have to research how the necessary procedure for securing the donation is determined and how the size of this donation can be determined in order to provide your charity with better chances. Targeting the right audience is more than making a simple phone call and hoping for the best.

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