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No matter what fundraising strategy your organization uses, you will have to learn how to reduce the expenses in order to maximize your profits. Therefore, you should practice some of the following tips in order to reduce your future fundraising costs. The real trick here is to manage to practice these tips without much trouble. Keep in mind the reason why it is important for your organization to lower all its fundraising costs without having to comprise its effectiveness. Lowering the expenses will help you reap some future benefits. Make a conscious effort and incorporate some of these tips into your fundraising strategies. Once you find a tip that works within your organization, stick to it.

Clarify the mission of your organization – make sure that this mission is relevant, clear and simple. The more specific you explain the mission and your cause, the easier to attract all the support your organization needs.

Have a wise fundraising plan – make sure that your goals are sensible and that your plan is a workable one. You will have to pay attention to these details before the campaign is launched. Plan every single detail! 

Find out more about your prospects because the effectiveness of the investments will be related to targeting the fundraising campaigns. So, the more targeted your campaign, the lower the costs of your fundraising efforts. For instance, if you plan to reach larger prospects, you will have to research them in order to find out more about the exact amount of money they are willing to donate, about the shared values, about their relatives and friends who might become involved in your organization. Start with the potential donors who are the closest ones to your organization. For instance, start with your own board members and continue by working your way down to your staff and volunteers. Work from inside your organization – look for former and current donors, vendors, parents and all the individuals who have already benefited from your services. Next, you will have to work your way right outside your organization – community foundations, neighborhood businesses and corporations that have local headquarters, local politicians and leaders and all the people who could donate but they were never asked to do so.  Even the federal, state or local grant makers are to be approached by your organization.

Keep a clean donor list – the quality of the prospect list is vital when trying to raise the necessary funds. Therefore, you will have to keep all the phone numbers and addresses up-to-date. Remove all the bad addresses and the names of deceased persons. Motivate yourself in order to keep your prospect list clean and updated. Stop being stubborn – stop following up on the prospects who don’t return the phone calls – don’t waste precious time and financial resources to follow up people who have no intention to give money to your organization. Give yourself a break – give them a break and move on to your next prospect. 

Next, you should enlist the volunteers your organization can count on. The name recognition is not enough - you need volunteers who will do everything they say. If one of your volunteers doesn't attend the meetings, this person will cost you money even if he/she doesn't ask for money. Review each of your job descriptions together with every volunteer in order to make sure that he/she understands the commitment. It is important for your volunteers to understand how vital their commitment is to your fundraising cause.

Train your volunteers and staff in order to provide your organization with an educated and well informed team that can be successful when asking for donations.

Make your organization newsworthy - mention your fundraising activities in your local media. The right media can help your organization deliver all its important fundraising messages in a quite low cost manner.   

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