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How to Organize a Costume Fundraising Event PDF

There are plenty of ways for you to use in order to raise funds for your fund raising cause or group. Among them, a costume event is one of the most popular methods that can raise substantial funds without having to invest a fortune or too much time. Here are some tips for you to follow in order to hold a successful costume event.


  • Start by choosing the theme of your costume event. For instance, you can go for a Western theme or you may choose to make your potential donors go back right to the ’20.
  • Next, you should find a local store that can provide you with all the costumes you need for your fund raising event. Finding a quality store is among the key factors when it comes to holding a costume event. For instance, you can even get a significant discount on your purchase by advertising your provider during your fund raising event.
  • Finding a spacious and good establishment is the next thing you should focus your attention on. The key factor when looking for the right establishment for your fund raising event is to know the exact number of people who are going to attend your event. According to this number, you will be able to choose an establishment that can accommodate all your guests.

An appropriate decor for your costume event is another major aspect. Start by decorating the whole room in order to match it to the already chosen theme. For instance, you can get some volunteers and create the necessary atmosphere by building some sets or doing everything that is necessary in order to obtain the right atmosphere for your costume event. Once you have the right establishment, the necessary costumes and the decor, you may put together the whole structure of a costume event used for fund raising funds for your cause or group.

At a costume event, you will also have to make sure that things are really moving. Once you notice that your guests seem to be bored or tired, you should try your best and keep your costume event moving. For instance, you can provide short pauses in your costume event in order to let people mingle and even move about the main venue. Draws, activities or even speakers can make your guests become more engaged in your costume event. Once you engage your guests, you will see how purse strings loosen.

Another thing you should do at a costume event is to provide the so-called money opportunities. For instance, you can go for a silent auction in order to give people the opportunity to donate funds for your cause or group. Just take time in order to meet your guests. A continued success in your fund raising efforts is guaranteed by efficient communication and strong bonds between people. Keep in mind that each potential donor must be approached – make an effort and speak with as many potential donors as possible during your costume event.

For instance, you should take a genuine interest in their donations and try to have them tied to your fund raising cause or to what your organization is planning to do or has already done. Leave each of your donors with something during your costume event. For instance, you can offer your donors a magnet that carries the logo of your fund raising group or you can offer some T-shirts imprinted with your group’s stamp. Such items will help each of your donors remember your costume event and want to stay informed about you and your fund raising efforts.

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