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Fundraising during times of recession can be a daunting task. Asking your potential donors to give money during such times is not an easy task. Therefore, you will have to rethink your fundraising strategy; you need to broaden your goals, rethink your assumptions and try to approach every fundraising effort you make with a cleaner slate. Once you follow the following steps, you will find a wide range of opportunities in places that you have never thought of. Here are some tips in order to maximize your fundraising efforts during hard times of recession.

First, you will have to focus on your prospect’s needs – once you provide your campaign with a convincing case, you will get the funding you need. When your donors are shown that the money you raise from them can make the difference, they will become more willing to keep donating. 

You will have to match the message to your prospect. Once you have the convincing case for support, you will have to try and match the message to every individual prospect.

Widening your net is the next thing you should do because it is high time for you to get a list of prospects. Once you have a current list, you will need to expand it because every organization can have foundation, corporate or even individual donors who can be solicited for support in case that you haven’t done this already. Do not limit your fundraising opportunities by beginning to assume that your base cannot be broadened. 

Knowing your industries well is vital because you can use this knowledge in order to understand the way your prospects can be approached. Once you fail to understand your industries and the way the recession times affect everything, you will not be able to raise the amount of money you want. But do not assume that things are quite bad everywhere because this is not the case. Therefore, you really need to do your homework and find out everything you can about your potential corporate donors. 

You also need to know your foundations – you need to understand the current tendency followed by the foundations in your own community. Once you understand the real tendencies, you will know how to get larger commitments from your potential donors. Regardless the current times of recession, there are plenty of local foundations that are required to donate a particular amount of money on yearly basis. Understanding the giving rules that govern every foundation or company will help you to get increased funding for the organization you have. 

You need to stay focused for  a longer period of time because every economy tends to cycle and things will eventually get even better. The long-term commitments are to be searched for because they are effective tools for fundraising during times of recession.The true goals must always be kept in mind and you can achieve this by planning sound campaign strategies.

Be more creative with your fundraising efforts and keep the wanted result in mind. You will have to adequately fund your project/program because this is the only thing that matters when trying to survive during times of recession.

Do not delay things – do everything right now! Do not delay your fundraising efforts just because you want to follow the current economic cycle. Delaying everything is the worst thing you could do – it is better to move forward and maintain your fundraising initiative. Keep in mind that a slow economy can decrease the competition for money and this can be used in your favor.

Do not interrupt the current fundraising initiatives; by doing this, you can do more damage than you would think. Choosing to interrupt your current initiatives may affect your organization in a negative manner. For instance, if you have called on people during your feasibility studies, you must not leave them hanging – you need to support your early fundraising efforts. Once these people don’t hear back from your organization, they will become prone to assuming that something may be wrong with your organization. Remember that projecting fundraising success and creating the necessary momentum are key elements when trying to raise money during times of recession. And another thing: stay positive – you will achieve better results!    

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