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Once you notice that your organization has two or even three volunteers who enjoy writing, you should think about having a blog for your organization because there is no better way to stay in touch with your donors and let them know how their gifts are making the difference for your fund raising cause. For instance, you can use the blog in order to ask your donors to try and spread the word about your upcoming fund raising events – if your event will host an auction, you may use the regular posts on your blog in order to get all your prospective bidders excited about this opportunity or let them find out how many tickets are still available.

The blog of your organization can be set up in order for several people to post to it – the comments will be available to all your supporters. The sidebar must be set up with a direct link to the website of your organization and a link to the donation page. Another thing you might consider is to add links to a wide range of affiliate sites in order to improve the traffic to your own website and make it easy for all the people to donate money to your fund raising cause. The blog is one of the most effective communication tools – you can use it in order to engage the prospects and the donors in interesting online conversations. For instance, you can start telling compelling stories coming from your fund raising experience and use this opportunity in order to ask for a gift. Here are some of the basic steps that are to be followed when trying to raise money with the blog.

First, you will have to know your own donor audienceplace your blog URL everywhere on the internet so that your potential donors can find your blog. You will also have to know your key message and your edge – the edge is the necessary platform your organization will use in order to speak from it. In order to find this edge, you will have to figure out what is the genuine controversy in your fund raising mission. For instance, if you want to raise money in order to feed the poor people from your community, you will have to alert people that there are others who are going hungry right now. The key message will be used in order to underline the fact that your organization is not indifferent to this situation and it is going to do something about it.

Your blog will also need an increased traffic – you can do this by driving this traffic and posting your blog link everywhere on the internet. For instance, you can also gather the necessary email addresses from each of your donors and send these people an email invitation in order to join in your blog conversations. Telling your fund raising stories is another wise thing for you to do – share your facts and statistics in order to help your supporters see firsthand the fund raising efforts and all the work your organization is doing. You must emphasize your results. Keep in mind that every fundraising campaign is emotionally based and you can convey the emotion of your own fundraising cause by showing videos and photos and provide your supporters with audio testimonials.

Create a user friendly blog that invites your supporters to share their genuine views and opinions in your blog. Try to engage them in meaningful conversations and provide them with plenty of opportunities in order to give you advice and feedback. Ask them to support your fundraising work with a small gift – offer them the "Donate Now" button in order to make their small gift right away. Pay attention to the following tips on writing the content for your blog – keep everything conversional, tell stories and find a particular time of the day in order to add a new post on a daily or weekly basis. 

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