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Fund Raising Opportunities With The Social Web PDF

The social web is something for your fund raising organization to consider because it is a powerful tool that can be used in order to attract people to your cause and make them donate money to you. Here are some of the benefits provided by the social web – take your time and imagine how the social media can change your future fund raising strategies.

The social web might deepen your relationships with your donors and their engagement. For instance, an online social platform can make it easier for your donors to share all their personal stories related to your organization. This can inspire further action among your local supporters and increase the awareness towards your organization.

The small groups and even the individuals are likely to self-organize around your nonprofit cause because the online social applications such as Facebook or Twitter can provide them with a wide range of opportunities in order to meet new people and organize around the same causes they are interested of. Therefore, you should include a short-term campaign in your fund raising strategies in order to raise awareness and even raise the necessary funds online.

The social web might also facilitate outsourcing and collaboration because it can provide you with new ways to engage with your own community of supporters. The institutional boundaries can be left behind because your organization will be able to collaborate across these boundaries in an inexpensive and quick manner. Your organization will be helped to reinvent its own internal institutional culture. Let’s take the popular Twitter for example – it is one of the most appreciated and fastest growing social websites that has millions of users worldwide. Twitter can be used for free – everyone can sign up through a relatively simple process. The only complicated thing about this social website is that you must try and express yourself in no more than 140 characters.

Twitter can help your organization in its fundraising efforts. For instance, you might develop new relationships thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can find potential donors and supporters and communicate with these persons. Twitter can be used in order to promote your fundraising events and encourage attendance. However, you must make sure that you keep your profile updated – you need to share the updates of your fundraising work in order to let people know what your organization is doing right now. Share with them all the things that your organization is proud of. Survey your supporters and ask questions in order to gather the necessary information from the target audience. You might post links to news stories or websites in order to direct your supporters to stories and photos you want them to read and see. Therefore, all you will have to do is to provide your organization with a profile on Twitter in order to let people find out about your existence and want to get involved in your fundraising causes.                

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