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Flower Bulb Fundraisers PDF

Green fundraisers are among the most successful activities when it comes to raising funds for an organization and saving the planet in the same time. A green fundraiser is all about offering products and services that are beneficial to our planet. A flower bulb fundraiser is among the most popular green fundraisers – beautiful flower bulbs are offered in order to raise funds for an organization or cause.

There are plenty of fund raising organization that use flower bulb fundraisers, mainly because people are so fond of flowers. Another reason why bulb flower fundraisers are so popular is the fact that such fundraisers are profitable enough for every fund raising group. For instance, if you search, you are very likely to come across various fund raising companies that can offer you even a 50% profit plus a free shipping for each of your orders.

Flowers are among the easiest to sell fund raising products and your organization should take advantage of this eco-friendly way of raising money. Typically, a company that offers such flower bulb fundraisers is very likely to offer at least 2 lines of bulb flowers. For instance, at a minimum, a fund raising company can offer a fall line and a spring line. This aspect is important because there are certain flowers that cannot thrive unless planted during autumn time while other flowers must be planted during spring in order to survive.

Keep in mind that you must avoid a company that can offer just one line of flowers because you may end up with plants that cannot survive their planting. Keep in mind that only the very best fund raising companies are likely to guarantee that each of your plants will fully grow and bloom. Some fund raising companies can also offer you replacement flowers in case that your plants don’t blossom.

Another positive aspect about organizing a flower bulb fundraiser is the fact that top fund raising companies are likely to provide you with free shipping as long as you have a minimum order quantity. So, if you are planning to organize a Spring flower fundraiser, you should pay attention to the following tips in order to make the best out of your efforts. 

  • Start with an order-taker sale – this order-taker sale can be made from a brochure that contains some colorful pictures together with useful descriptions of all the available plants and flowers.
  • Once you manage to collect payment well in advance, you will have to place your order and start arranging for home delivery or pickup as soon as your supplier ships your plants and flowers.


In fact, you can organize such a flower bulb fundraiser almost at every season of the year. However, you should know that such a fundraiser is likely to work best in the late Winter months when plenty of people start thinking about landscaping and their gardens. Selecting the right supplier for your flower bulb fundraiser is paramount and you should go for a company that is already in business for some years and can provide you with a really strong fund raising program.

Next, you should request a sample catalog from each of your choices and start comparing their product offerings and prices. Keep in mind that you are likely to sell more if your prices are really low and your brochure is easy to read and colorful. Once you have found your perfect supplier, you may start generating the necessary sales by using a door-to-door approach or by hosting a nice spring gardening event.     

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