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Even during these hard times of recession, there are plenty of people who are keen on hunting all sorts of treasures available at a flea market. This is the reason why you should consider the flea market fundraising when planning to raise money for your organization. A flea market will charge the admission fee but it will also provide the visitors with a wide range of products at reasonable prices. The flea market can be used in order to sell used goods and antiques; the most important thing is to provide your potential donors with a wide range of products and prices. You can host such flea markets on a monthly or even weekly basis in order to raise the necessary amount of money.

The first step you should make is to gather all the items you plan to sell. Once you have provided yourself with the necessary items, you will have to advertise your flea market. You can do this with a low cost – just use the local radio stations, printed and online newspapers and TV stations in order to let people know about your planned flea market. Word-of-mouth can also be used – just tell every person you know that you will organize a flea market for your non-profit organization. You will be full of potential buyers/donors in no time.

There are two main ways for you to raise money by organizing/hosting a flea market. For instance, you can choose to collect the rental fee for every single space or table that you will assign to the vendors. The rental price can vary from 10 to 20 dollars. Another thing you can do is to sell the items that you have donated to the cause of your organization. You may also try and sell merchandise that can support churches, schools or even other charity. Selling beverages and food is another great idea to be used when hosting a flea market.

The flea market is all about vendors who need a space in order to place their goods and sell them. There are many fundraiser organizers who provide the counter space or the folding tables to these vendors. But you can host your flea market in spaces such as churches and schools because these locations already have the necessary tables on hand. Next, you will have to assign every space to each market vendor who is interested to sell his goods. But you need to make sure that every vendor will be told what he will get (the size of the space) before he comes to set up. You will also have to outline all the restrictions regarding the items that can be sold at your flea market.

Outlining these restrictions is a vital part of your fundraising strategy. For instance, if your vendors are planning to sell new merchandise, you will have to obey all the legal requirements regarding the re-seller’s sales tax identification or licenses. So, when you are planning to attract more vendors to your future charity flea markets, you will have to tell them about these restrictions; they need to know what types of merchandise are not allowed in your flea market. For instance, if your fundraising flea market is hosted by a church, you can be prohibited from selling video games and movies. The church is very likely to prohibit merchandise that promotes anti-Christian philosophies.        

Remember to buy low and sell high. Have fun!

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