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Online fund raising is increasingly accepted and prominent among the potential donors. So, why shouldn't you use it for your own fund raising cause? One of the best ways to enhance your online fund raising is by offering digital download products. By using such products, you will not be just asking for funds but also deliver some real and useful products that have a real value. Digital download products are all about giving an useful hand in exchange for the funds that are donated to your organization.

Digital downloads can be the ordinary and extremely popular E-books or software. Also, you can use videos, audios, still images and anything that can be downloaded from Internet. Once you find the right digital product that can meet your fund raising requirements, you will have to find out whether this particular product already has a program for fund raising or whether you can negotiate such a program for it or not.

Once the chosen digital product has its own fund raising program, you will have to find out the right way for you to get the necessary direct link to a special shopping cart that is designed especially for fund raising reasons. Once you get the link, you will let your visitors find out about the product or service that can be bought in order to donate funds to your organization.

Your visitors will go and purchase that particular product or service by using their credit cards and the owner of the product will have it delivered directly to all the buyers but you will be the one who gets the money for the purchased products. Here are some tips for you to use in order to let your potential donors find out about the things that can be purchased.

For instance, you can have a direct link together with a compelling description placed on your fund raising website or you can have them both placed in your weekly or monthly newsletter. Also, you can hand out some flyers or cards containing a brief story and a link in order for your potential donors to find out about your product.

Additionally, you can use viral e-mails in order to send some personal e-mails that contain compelling descriptions of your fund raising organization and cause and ask your potential donors to go to the link provided to them and purchase that product in order to help you with your fund raising cause. Make sure that you tell them how much they are likely to enjoy your product.

Next, you should send these emails to your friends, asking them to copy the main content of the email and add one of their personal endorsements in order to have it sent to other friends of theirs. However, you will have to make sure that you find a digital product that is interesting enough to your audience – just make sure your organization offer things that can relate to your potential donors in a way or another.

Also, you will have to make sure that your fund raising organization will get a quite fair return on every sale. Ensure the fact that your supplier is able to accept all sorts of payments that can be done online and, at first, use just suppliers that have already developed special fund raising programs that include advertisement suggestions, web pages and email templates in order not to do everything just by yourself.          

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