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Are you a top fundraiser for the groups and organizations with which you are involved? Do you enjoy asking for donations for worthy causes, or organizing special event fundraisers? If so, a career in fundraising might be perfect for you.

There are many opportunities to work for nonprofit organizations in a fundraising capacity. If you think you'd enjoy being a professional fundraiser, consider the following job opportunities:

Development Specialist
Individuals who work in development spear head fundraising efforts for all types of nonprofit organizations. Most hospitals, colleges, museums, performing arts organizations, and other types of nonprofits have a Development Director, who may supervise other employees who are involved in fundraising. Those who work in development are responsible for coordinating or overseeing a vast array of fundraising programs, so they must have many skills and be good at multitasking.

Special Events Coordinator
Nonprofits that raise money through holding special events often have an employee who is responsible for coordinating special events. People who work in this capacity often handle all details of organizing and promoting galas, silent auctions, telethons, charity runs, and other types of events designed to bring money in to their organization. Special events coordinators need to have a lot of energy, and they have to be very organized. People skills are a must for this type of position.

Grant Writer
Most nonprofit organizations rely heavily on grant funding to stay afloat. Individuals who hold positions as professional grant writers spend time seeking out sources of funding, gathering required data, and completing applications requesting grant dollars for their organizations. This type of position requires strong research, writing, and organizational skills.

Volunteer Services Coordinator
Many nonprofits rely on the work of volunteers to meet their missions. Volunteer hours are considered in-kind donations, and are necessary for many nonprofits to maintain their funding sources. People who work in this capacity are involved in recruiting, scheduling, and motivating volunteers to perform various tasks on behalf of their organization. People skills are a must for this type of job, as are organizational abilities.

Is a Career in Fundraising Right for You?
If these jobs sound appealing to you, a career in fundraising or nonprofit management might be perfect for you.

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