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One of the greatest ways for a fund raising organization to make extra money is the Bike-A-Thon Fundraiser. Once you decide that your organization should go for this type of fund raising event, you will have to come up with the proper planning. Keep in mind that your planning and efforts will be in a direct proportion to your success. A pre-planning preparation is to be regarded as a key element when it comes to making your event stand out from other similar events.

If you want your Bike-A-Thon to be an unforgettable experience, you will have to pay attention to all the important details related to this type of fund raising event. Start with getting the necessary city permits – you need them in order for your fundraiser to be hosted by all the chosen locations. Such a permit is not hard to get but you will have to deal with a little more bureaucracy then you are used to. For instance, your organization may be required to present a sort of event insurance – this insurance can be obtained from your local insurance broker.

Some cities are likely to have special waivers for fund raising groups and you will have to ask the local authorities in order to find out more about this. For instance, you may expect to a nominal filling fee that may be up to several hundred dollars – the exact amount will depend of your local city departments. If you are planning to have an event that has more than 100 participants/riders, you will be required to start closing off the roads and pay off for the off-duty traffic police.

Also, you may be required to pay for a cone-service together with all sorts of anticipated costs. You may find all these fees quite prohibitive or you may decide that this is not what you need for your fund raising cause. But all these fees will depend on the complexity and size of your planned Bike-A-Thon.

You will have to schedule the event way ahead – consider at least a couple of months ahead because rushing all your fund raising efforts may end up with various problems down the road, problems that can affect both riders and participants. Next, your organization will need a special permission coming from all the property owners or tenants along your route.

For instance, these people may ask for additional insured certificates in order to have their property and themselves protected from all sorts of injury lawsuits once a rider falls off his/her bike or even gets run over in a parking lot. It is quite easy to get such additional permissions, but you should do this well in advance.

When planning your  Bike-A-Thon, you should consider bicycle safety as well because this aspect is vital. For instance, all participants/riders must wear protective helmets and have their bicycles in perfect order. Make sure you have everything you need in order to assist the participants when they experience low pressure in the tires because this is to be regarded as an essential safety matter.

Keep in mind that no matter how many funds you manage to raise, your Bike-A-Thon will be considered a real disaster once a rider/participant gets seriously injured. Safety is not an issue to be risked. In this respect, you should check with the local police department in order to find out if there is someone who can help you with safety matters. For instance, local police departments may provide you with a community adviser for your event in order to have safety requirements and participants’ bicycles inspected.  

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