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In order to make your fundraiser stand out from the crowd, you will have to come up with really unique ideas. Being creative is your only chance when it comes to making people open their wallets and donate money to your fund raising cause. Breaking from tradition is paramount when looking for unique fund raising ideas. Bingo, bake sales and rummage sales are among the most traditional fundraisers and you will have to let them go and pep up your fundraiser. For instance, you may consider some of the following ideas that can make people really excited and willing to support your cause.

You may try and put together an interesting pet treat fundraiser because people do love their pets and they may get quite excited when they find animal staff at their disposal. Another unique idea is to try a spin on the highly traditional door-to-door sales. For instance, you may buy some kitty or dogie treats instead of the common cookie dough or candy bars and go selling them to family members, friends and even church members.

Also, you may try keeping an eye out for people who are keen on carrying their pets right in their purse because they are more likely to purchase pet treats. Plus, if you are close enough to dog parks, you should bring the dog treats with you because such places are likely to be full of potential customers.

Another idea for an unique fundraiser is an art-based theme. For instance, if your organization tries to raise the necessary funds for holding a summer art program, you may have the kids paint and draw and, once they manage to finish their works, you may send them home carrying their work together with an order form. For instance, the order form may include pencils, mugs or even different articles of clothing in order to have the children artwork transferred to one of these items.

When looking for an unique fundraiser, you should consider the talents of the people you are working with and who are involved in your fund raising efforts. For instance, your team may stage special programs if you are looking to raise funds for college programs – make your talented volunteers play in a drama and use their native talents in order to come up with a special presentation that can generate a lot of interest and energy in your fund raising team.

But even if you plan to come up with a really unique idea for your fundraisers, you must be perfectly aware that some basic fund raising guidelines must be followed in order to make your endeavors successful. Aside from making your fundraiser stand out, you will have to know how to take proper care of your funds and manage them in order to get the maximum profits.

So, you will have to make sure that you do not start an unique fundraiser without managing to put together your budget. Keep in mind that regardless of your unique fundraiser, you will still have to pay upfront costs. In order not to overspend, you will have to come up with the right plan of attack – estimate all the supplies you are going to need for your unique fundraiser and the exact prices of all the items you are planning to offer. Plus, you will have to allow yourself plenty of time in order to get your event moving and prevent yourself from leaving things for the last minute.

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