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Unique Fundraising Ideas From Sydney's Class Act Promotions PDF

Looking for a unique fundraising idea for your Australian organization? Located in Sydney, Class Act Promotion has a fun and unique fundraising program that is perfect for schools, sports teams, and other children's groups. Not your ordinary fundraising program, Class Act really allows the kids to get in the act.

Children don't just get involved in selling the items. They actually get involved in creating them. The youngsters create artwork, which Class Act then imprints on a variety of items that can be sold to raise money for the class, sports team, or other organization that needs to raise funds to support its activities. Clothing items are available in child and adult sizes, and it's a sure bet that each child in the group, along with his or her parents, is going to want one of each items.

The Class Act Promotions product line includes:
* Short-Sleeve T-Shirts
* Long Sleeve T-Shirts
* Sweat Shirts
* Slouch Style Caps
* Legionnaire Caps
* Tea Towels
* Cards

Shirts and tea towels are available in lots as small as thirty of each style. Hat orders must be for at least 50 individual items, and the minimum quantity for card orders is 250. With such small minimum orders, it's possible that even small nonprofit groups can participate and benefit in a Class Act Promotions fundraiser. Of course, profit margins increase as the quantity ordered increases, so youth groups in Australia really have the potential to earn a significant amount of revenue from this type of fundraising activity.

To find out how your Australian group or organization can organise its own Class Act Promotions fundraiser, see or call (02) 9550 5947 (NSW) or (07) 4159 4367 (Qld).

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