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When you decide to launch a fundraising campaign based on selling some of America's highest quality gourmet food products at affordable prices, your group can raise a significant amount of money. When you choose a program, you can earn up to 50% profit with average per customer sales of more than $20.00. 

With a, you're able to offer your supporters and customers with delicious gourmet food products that they'll really want to purchase.

Brochure Sales
If you choose to participate in the brochure pre-sale program, you can offer a variety of products to prospective customers. You'll take pre-orders from your supporters, who will order from brochures. Brochures are provided to qualified groups at no cost, as are samples and visual sales tools.

You purchase only those items that you have already sold, so there is no risk. The more you sell, the more profit you make. Your orders will arrive pre-sorted by customer name, so distribution is easy to prepare for and manage.

Products available through the brochure program include:

  • Bean Soup Mixes
  • Carolina BBQ Sauce, Dressing and Marinade
  • Chili Mixes
  • Cookie Dough Mix
  • Dessert Mixes
  • Gourmet Caramel Apples
  • Gourmet Pasta
  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Gourmet Virginia Peanuts
  • Pasta Mixes
  • Peter's Beach Sauces
  • Popcorn
  • Slow Cooker Gourmet Dinner Kits

Online Sales
Instead of, or in addition to, taking orders from brochures, your organization can launch an online program. Your fundraising online system will include more than 100 different gourmet food products, and you'll earn 15% from their online orders. You don't have to handle sales, collecting money, or product distribution.

Ready to Get Started?
This fundraising program is a great way to generate revenue for your organization.

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