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Soda Sales Translate Into Profits PDF

One of the most popular fundraising activities for school groups, such as athletic teams and marching bands, is selling cases of soft drinks. The organization purchases cases of soft drink cans or bottles and wholesale, and then sells them at retail prices to raise money.

Your group can choose to sell any type of soft drink that can be purchased at wholesale. Coca Cola fundraisers are particularly popular for beverage sales drives. It's a good idea to offer several flavors of drink, including sugar-free and caffeine varieties. This will ensure that you have something in your product mix that will appeal to just about everyone.

Soft drink fundraisers can be an effective way to raise money for any type of group, assuming the individual members are willing to hustle to make sales. Since most people purchase soft drinks on a regular basis, it isn't hard to convince them to purchase their next case or two of beverages from your group rather than from the local supermarket.

The key to planning a successful soft drink fundraiser is to get a large number of volunteers to solicit orders, as well as to make deliveries. It's important to have a set time period for taking orders and for making deliveries to customers. When people agree to purchase soft drinks from you, it's important to let them know when to expect their order. It's even more important to deliver the drinks on time.

Those in charge of selling beverages can set up order taking spots at group events. For example, if the organization is a baseball team, parents can take turns staffing a sales booth during each game. Participants can also approach family members, neighbors, work colleagues, and other individuals who might be interested in helping the group and stocking their refrigerators with tasty beverages at the same time.

Since soft drinks are items that people purchase for their homes and offices on an ongoing basis, there is no reason that your group can't reap the benefits of a well-planned, carefully executed soft drink fundraiser.

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