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If you are planning to hold a green fundraiser for your organization, you should try and go for a recycling event. A recycling fundraiser is most likely to have no up front costs besides the ones involved by al the donated items that are to be recycled. Also, a recycling fundraiser may be set up in order to become a real ongoing income generator because the more items you collect, the more funds you will raise. Remember that green fundraisers are all about being good for the environment and a recycling fundraiser will not be the exception from this rule.

A recycling fundraiser will provide people with a great opportunity to get rid of various items such as the electronic waste and they can do this without having to pay for it. For instance, you may go for a recycle inkjet cartridge event – the whole process is really easy and you will have your group keep all the materials out of the landfill by simply recycling them. In order to do this, you will have to sign up with companies that handle the whole recycling process – go for a company that pays for the common cartridges in a fair way and make sure that you get really good prices for each of your recycled items.

Next, you will have to setup the necessary collection location and spread the word that you will begin to recycle for a really good cause. Once your location is full, you will have to seal it up and ship everything off. Shortly after your delivery, you will get the credit for the recycled items posted to the account of your fundraising organization. If you want to increase the amount of items that are given away in order for you to recycle them, you should pay attention to the following tips: first, you should try and setup various collection boxes at many locations – for instance, you should go for large office buildings because they are among the best places to approach when it comes to getting the necessary permission to use their space.

Next, you should do your best and get the word out in order for people to find out about your fundraising efforts. For instance, you should include information in each of your newsletters – have these newsletters sent to the email list of your organization. Also, you should try and get increased publicity in your local media. Get mentioned at your local radio, in the local newspaper or television station by sending a press release that contains all the necessary details. Make sure that you send this press release to your proper contacts because companies tend to do things differently. You will have to follow a standard press release format – tell people you are and what you are planning to do in order to raise the necessary funds for your organization. Tell them when you are planning to collect the recyclable items and why you need their support.

Make sure that you play up the important recycling aspect and have your press released geared toward a high-traffic location and one-day collection in order to get the maximum publicity and exposure out of your press release. Also, you will have to mention that you are planning to have a fundraiser that is ongoing year-round and at already chosen locations. Tell people that you will have collection boxes at these locations in order for them to bring the recyclable items. Make sure that you provide full contact information in order for people to find out how they can reach you.                

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