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Raise Money With Take Out Meal Fundraisers PDF

The key to launching a successful fundraiser is to select something to sell that people actually want to purchases. Ideally, the item you choose will be something that people have to buy anyway, so there is already room for it in their household budget. That's why meal fundraisers can be so effective for all types of charities.

Everybody has to eat, and most people look forward to it. Most people also really enjoy eating meals that someone else has prepared for them! The combination of affordable meals that have already been prepared and an opportunity to help a worthy cause raise money are often irresistible, even to people who don't usually contribute money to charities.

There are several ways to approach meal fundraisers, and many groups find meal take out events to be very successful money making ventures. Many churches and sports teams hold events that allow supporters to stop by during peak meal times to purchase carry out dinners. The food is prepared, packaged in take out containers, and distributed to customers.  These types of events are often marketed through flyers sent to members and supporters and by distributing flyers to businesses in the area around the pick up site.

Getting Started
If you want to plan a meal fundraiser for your charity, you'll need to recruit a committee, set a date, choose a theme, and start working on soliciting food donations. Make sure to select a type of food that is fairly easy to package and transport, and that can either be enjoyed at room temperature or is easy to reheat. It's also important to avoid items that might go bad during transport, such as any type of mayonnaise based salads.

Choosing a Theme and Occasion
It’s a great idea to tie your meal fundraiser to special events in your area. For example, many church youth groups hold carry out sandwich sales following church services every year on Super Bowl Sunday. It's a great marketing tie in, as congregation members are able to pick up food to take home to use in preparation for the big game.

By selecting a logical theme and timely occasion, groups that plan this type of fundraising event are able to capitalize on having a captive audience that directly benefits from the products they are selling. With a little creativity, you'll be able to come up with a great idea for a take out meal fundraiser that can help your charity greatly boost its fundraising efforts!

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