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Raise Money With Queensland's Eviro-Shopper: a Fashionable, Fashionable, and Eco-Friendly Fundraiser PDF

Looking for a unique fundraiser that will help you raise money for your Australian group or organisation as well as be a lot of fun for everyone involved in the campaign? With an eco-friendly EnviroTrend designer shopping bag fundraising drive, you can make money for your favorite cause, teach your little ones about the importance of sustainability, and help consumers look great while engaging in environmentally friendly shopping or other activities.

Founded by Queensland mums, Janina Byrne and Celina Jorgensen, EnviroTrend markets fashionable reusable shopping bags manufactured entirely from recycled materials. The entrepreneurial mums noticed that the concept of reusable shopping bags was becoming so popular that people were carrying their "green" supermarket bags many places outside of the local grocery store.

While the idea of using environmentally conscious bags at all times is a terrific one, the Byrne and Jorgensen decided that there had to be a more fashionable solution. Their thought process led to the launch of the Enviro-Shopper collection, a full line of green bags attractive enough to carry anywhere. Enviro-Shopper bags are crafted from 100% recyclable polypropylene. They feature sturdy bases, long reinforced handles that make them easy to carry over the shoulder, and are available in a variety of fashionable designs.
and features:

The concept has taken off throughout Australia. EnviroTrend was recognized as with the Dalby Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for 2007 as the best retail business in the home and garden category. The company's fashion-conscious and eco-friendly product line has generated a great deal of buzz in the media, earning write-ups in publications including: Australian House and Garden, Brisbane News, Take 5, Queensland Country Living, Real Living, Style Magazine, Woman's Day. The firm has also been featured in a number of newspaper and broadcast media stories.

If you're ready to raise money for your organization in a creative and innovative manner, you can join the fight against environmentally harmful plastic bags by encouraging people in your community to support your group and "go green" at the same time. You can even create a customised Enviro-Shopper for your fundraising campaign! Tie your fundraising drive to a message encouraging your town to become a "Plastic Bag Free" town, and watch your sales and profits soar!

For more information on launching your Enviro-Shopper fundraising drive, call (07) 3700 9449, (07) 4662 0045, or visit the fundraising page on the EnviroTrends website. You may also request details by sending a message to sales (at) 

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