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Raise Money With My World Benefits Fundraising Program PDF

Looking for a new and different fundraising idea for your group or organization? If you're tired of selling products that generate one time only revenue, you just might find the "My World Benefits" discount card program to be the ideal money making opportunity for your group. This program is an excellent choice for sports teams, youth groups, civic clubs, and many other types of nonprofit organizations.

Individuals who support your organization will get to do so by purchasing a discount card that allows them to save money again and again. Cardholders can enjoy significant savings on products from both local businesses and online merchants. The discount card provides many benefits, which makes the program very appealing to many people.

Cardholders will enjoy percent off discounts at numerous on and offline retail establishments, earn cash rebates from a variety of stores, and be able to access printable grocery coupons each month. They can even use the built-in zip code search feature to identify savings opportunities to use during business and vacation travels.

Since everyone loves to save money, these discount cards sell themselves. Instead of having to go door to door with products to sell, "My World Benefits" provides groups with an opportunity to utilize the ease and automation of web based sales to generate significant profits that can have a positive impact on your group's bottom line for years to come. Simply direct supporters to your group's "My World Benefits" website, and the prospecting aspect of your fundraising efforts is complete.

If you're ready to explore how a "My World Benefits" fundraiser can benefit  your organization and its supporters, see the My World Benefits website.

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