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Raise Money With an Adelaide Cellar Door Fundraiser PDF

Are you searching for a fundraising project for your group or organisation that will be both profitable and fun for everyone involved? Tired of selling chocolates and popcorn, but want to stick with a consumable product? Why not focus your team on earning the funds it needs by selling wine? An Adelaide Cellar Door wine fundraiser can be a terrific way to raise the money your group needs to fund its activities and programs.

Running an Adelaide Cellar Door Fundraiser
There are two ways to approach your Adelaide Cellar Door wine fundraiser program. You'll need to decide whether you would prefer to run an online fundraiser or one that involves you actually getting product to sell to your customers. Either way, you can enjoy terrific profits.

Online Fundraiser: With an online fundraiser, your group can earn $15 for every case of Adelaide Cellar Door wine your group's supporters order. The company will ship the wine directly to customers, so your organisation won't be directly involved in handling or distributing product.

Offline Fundraiser: You can earn a higher profit margin with offline sales, raising $25 or more per case sold. To engage in this type of fundraiser, you simply take a mixed pallet of wines from the company, which you will sell and distribute yourself.

Combination: To maximize your reach and potential profits, it's probably best to combine both online and offline fundraising efforts. You'll be able to capitalise on personal selling at various events, but will be able to involve even more people in your fundraiser by having an opportunity to direct them to the Adelaide Cellar Door website to place their orders.

Satisfaction is Assured
With an Adelaide Cellar Door wine fundraiser, both your organisation and your customers are sure to be satisfied with the efforts. Your group can enjoy a nice profit margin, and your customers are sure to love the delicious premium wines they receive. This means they'll be looking forward to your next wine fundraiser, making repeat sales and continued fundraising efforts a breeze!

Getting Started With Your Wine Fundraiser
If you're ready to raise money for your group by offering premium selections from boutique wineries available to your members at affordable prices, call Jane at 08 8362 1897 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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