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Raise Money With a White Elephant Sale PDF

Looking for a way to raise a big chunk of cash for your group or organization? Many organizations find that white elephant sales are a great way to generate instant cash. Many organizations hold these types of events once or twice each year, and find them to be very profitable. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how easy it is to plan and put on successful white elephant fundraising sales.

Getting Donations
You can’t have a successful sale if you don’t have items to sell. The best way for groups to begin accumulating items is to ask members to donate unwanted household items for the sale. To increase the likelihood of getting a good number of items that you can sell, try to time your donation request so that it coincides with typical household cleaning times. For example, the first of the year and early spring are among the most popular times for cleaning out closets, cabinets, and drawers. A well timed request for donations can mean the difference between a mediocre fundraising sale and an event that is truly successful.

Getting Organized
Once you make a request for donations, it’s important to designate a drop off spot. The ideal situation is to have donors bring items to the place where you will hold the sale, if at all possible. This will allow you to sort items into categories for display as they are brought in.

Some groups price each item individually, and others choose to utilize flat rate pricing for each category of products. The latter choice is much less labor-intensive during the planning process and throughout the actual event. It’s a good idea to make easy to read signs or charts with prices.

Promoting the Event
Spread the word about your white elephant sale around the community. Take advantage of every free publicity opportunity you can find. Most local newspapers will post announcements of trash to treasure sales sponsored by nonprofit organizations. You may also be able to promote your event through other local media outlets, including radio stations, TV stations, and special event online calendar websites. You can also distribute flyers to local residents, and post signs in local businesses. Everyone loves a bargain, so the more people you tell about the sale, the more people you will have in attendance the day of the event.

Staffing the Event
Recruit volunteers from your organization to set up the night before the event, to work during the event, and to help with cleanup. It’s also a good idea to line up another charitable organization to pick up the things you don’t sell at the end of the day, unless you want to store them until the next time your group holds a white elephant sale.

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