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Raise Money With a Popcorn Fundraiser PDF

Looking for a great food fundraiser for your group or organization? Why not try your hand at marketing popcorn for your next campaign? Popcorn is one of the most popular snack foods, and it's something that many people keep in their cupboards for between meal snacks, movie munchies, and midnight pantry raids.

Popcorn is a much healthier alternative to many of the popular food fundraising products. People often resist purchasing candy or cookies, or feel guilty for doing so. However, there's no good reason not to purchase popcorn. After all, it's a quick and healthy treat with a long shelf life.

A number of different companies offer popcorn fundraising opportunities. One popular choice for clubs, schools, and sports teams is Pretty Good Popcorn, based in Satellite Beach, Florida. Groups who participate in Pretty Good Popcorn fundraising events can earn 50 percent profit on the product they sell, plus additional money for accomplishing sales goals. When you place orders of $350 or more, you even get free shipping, which can further boost the profitability of your fundraising efforts.

Many Boy Scout and Cub Scout troops utilize Trails-End popcorn fundraisers as a way to earn money. This organization specializes in helping scout troops raise money through selling delicious, high quality popcorn. Trails-End offers a variety of resources to the groups it serves, even providing online video based fundraising training and national prizes for groups that go the extra miles.

Selling popcorn can be a great way to raise money for your group. It's always a good idea to sell a consumable product, because you're likely to get multiple repeat orders if customers are pleased with the products you sell. Providing your supporters with an opportunity to assist your organization buy purchasing delicious and healthy treats they will enjoy is a win-win situation for nonprofits and the individuals who are interested in supporting them.

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