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Raise Money by Recycling Laser Toner and Ink Jet Cartridges PDF

Chances are that most of the people who come in contact with your organization have printers and fax machines. One of the easiest ways to raise money for your group on an ongoing basis is to participate in an ink jet and laser toner cartridge recycling program. Simply sign up with one or more of the companies that pays cash for empty toner cartridges, start a cartridge collection effort, and begin earning money.

Companies that pay cash for used ink jet and toner cartridges include:

Free Recycling: This company pays cash for ink jet cartridges and used cell phones. Laser cartridges are not accepted through this particular program. The company provides free promotional materials, which make it easy to spread the word about your fundraising efforts. You can even earn money by referring other groups to join the program. 

Kartridges for Kidz: Designed especially to help schools earn supplies or raise cash, this program rewards shipments of printer cartridges with points or money. It's easy to get started, and rewards or checks are sent within seven days of cartridge shipment receipt.

Recycle for Charity: This company helps schools, charities, and nonprofit organizations raise money by recycling both ink jet and laser toner cartridges, as well as fax cartridges. The organization also pays beneficiary organizations for shipments of unopened copier and printer supplies, such as toner, drums, fusers, staple, etc.

Think Recycle: You can earn cash from for laser toner cartridges as well as ink jet cartridges and old cell phones. For every 12 cartridges an organization recycles through the program, the company plants a tree in the group's name.

Choosing a Recyling Program 
If you're thinking about starting a recycling fundraiser for your group or organization, keep in mind that each recycling program is slightly different. The rates of pay may vary, and each company publishes lists detailing the specific cartridges they will accept. Before selecting a program, thoroughly research the options available to you, so that you can be certain of choosing the program that offers the highest potential rate of return for your investment of time.

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