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Pasta Sales for a Powerful Fundraising Program PDF

Your fundraising efforts will be much more successful when you offer items that people actually want and can use. It's also in your best interest to come up with a unique fundraising project so that people find your product interesting and appealing.

A Pasta Shoppe Fun Pasta Fundraising program might be just the ticket for helping your organization enjoy its most successful fundraising effort ever. It's not the most common fundraiser, so people are likely to find the product novelty appealing. Additionally, everyone has to eat, and pasta is a staple in many people's homes.

The pasta line available for Pasta Shoppe fundraisers is designed specifically with fundraising projects in mind. The pasta is available in a variety of shapes, resembling cheerleaders, baseballs, the alphabet, numbers, soccer, baseball, musical notes, and other characters representative of the types of organizations that frequently hold fundraising campaigns. You can even get pasta created in the shape of collegiate sporting team logos.

There are many benefits of Fun Pasta Fundraising. First, the product is very easy to sell. It is a unique fundraising program, which will help differentiate your organization from others in your area that are also trying to raise money. Additionally, pasta is a much more healthy choice than other food products that are often sold through fundraising programs.

When you sing up for a Fun Pasta Fundraiser, you'll receive free catalogs, free envelopes, and free shipping within the Continental United States. Once you sign up, you'll also receive free product samples. There are no minimum order requirements, and your group can earn up to 50 percent profit on all items sold!

If you're interested in learning more about how to earn money for your group by selling healthy, fun and fun pasta, call 800-247-0188 x 205 to discuss your needs with a Pasta Shoppe fundraising professional.

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